for Value
Based Care

Value based organizations of all sizes, leverage our software API to provide pharmacy services and improve access to affordable medications.

With just a few lines of code, our innovative partners can customize their patient’s pharmacy experience and improve medication adherence.

The Health Haven
Rx Difference

We empower our partners to succeed in the competitive field of healthcare by providing access to cost-effective medications in key therapeutic categories. We do not support or dispense controlled substances.

We take a unique approach to digital pharmacy solutions by focusing on the quality of our services and the well-being of patients rather than just our bottom line. Here are some reasons we’ve remained a favorite among digital health and clinical-care providers.

We’re Socially Responsible.

Social responsibility is the foundation of our operations as we strive to help people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

We Operate Transparently.

We’re committed to ensuring our clients feel comfortable and in control, which is why we offer complete transparency when it comes to pricing, data analysis and operations.

We Offer
The Lowest Prices.

We specialize in helping healthcare providers and their patients get access to high-quality and affordable medications.


Health Haven Rx

We believe basic healthcare should be affordable to everyone. This is why we built the first API pharmacy infrastructure with everyone in mind. Our API is simple and easy to integrate, so anyone can impact their community across the U.S.

We partner with some of the most innovative companies in the U.S to improve health equity in underserved and uninsured communities.

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Our Investors


Through Innovative Technology.

Disease Management

Health Haven Rx helps digital health providers reduce their healthcare expenses by facilitating the prescribing process and monitoring medication adherence.

Drug Formulary Management

Our team can develop, manage, and oversee an essential list of medications and treatment protocols.

Offering Comprehensive and
Customized Pharmacy Services.

At Health Haven Rx, our primary goal is to make it easier for providers and their patients to access affordable medications. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our customers. We help our partners improve their NPS Scores.

Instead, we take the time to understand your company’s unique obstacles and goals in order to custom-tailor an effective strategy for success. With API-driven solutions, you’ll have complete control of your pharmacy services.